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*Surajbal Education is an educational program intended to impart the supreme knowledge and the supreme wisdom to students and others.

Utility of *Surajbal Education:

  1. It gives the basic knowledge of the universe.
  2. It gives the complete understanding of human affairs.
  3. It gives supreme wisdom.
  4. It improves general knowledge..
  5. It improves academic performance.
  6. It develops personality.
  7. It ensures success in life.

Speciality of *Surajbal Education:

  1. The contents of this education are very important and useful in life.
  2. The courses devised under it are short and well planned.
  3. This education is within the reach of every student because:
           (a).  It is not costly as one can receive it piecemeal.
           (b).  It requires little time and little effort on the part of a student.
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